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Meet with a Mattress Specialist from NSC

Are you interested, in getting insights from our team of Nsc Medical professionals? You have the opportunity to schedule a one on one session today where we can discuss your questions or explore how our selected home essentials can enhance your living spaces.

To schedule a call kindly provide us with your email address and phone number. Also let us know your availability for either a phone call or a Zoom meeting.

Here are some asked questions;

How long are the consultations?
You can book 30 minute sessions with our Nsc Medical experts. If you need time simply schedule sessions.

Do I need to make a purchase to have a consultation?
Absolutely not! Our Nsc Medical experts are available to provide styling advice and address any product related inquiries without any obligation to make a purchase.

Is there any fee, for the consultations?
No the consultations are provided free of charge.

How do I book a consultation?
To book a consultation session please click here for the contact form. Provide us with a date and time that works best for you.

Can I make purchases during the session?
Certainly! You are welcome to make purchases during the session. We can assist you in adding items to your shopping cart and guide you through the checkout process by the end of the consultation.

Webcam Activation
If you're not comfortable, with having your camera on during the session feel free to keep it off. However turning your camera on for the session might be helpful.